Pressure from changes in planning legislation and environmental requirements mean that regeneration and rejuvenation of our towns and cities and the re-use of brownfield sites is the sustainable way forward.

Our approach to masterplanning is firstly preparing a sensitive analysis of a place and character; highlighting the quality, context, heritage, the areas requiring enhancement and the spaces between the buildings that form the public realm. Secondly, it is important to understand a community’s sense of identity, the aspirations of residents and stakeholders through community engagement.

The knitting together of new and old developments and the creation of places that people want to enjoy is a challenge that excites us. Since the early 1990’s, when we received the RIBA Community Architecture Award for re-developing an area of Hyson Green in Nottingham, we have been successful at stimulating regeneration through our completed projects.

Initially most regeneration projects are supported by public funds, like our completed eco-towns project in Gainsborough, and are based on great ideas followed through in partnership by a team. Once the first buildings are completed, they encourage the private investment that lead to overall improvements to the whole neighbourhood.