New Build Church and Community Centre 

Client: PPC of St Margaret de Antioch, Thornbury, Bradford
Completed: 2000

Budget: £2m

A new multi-cultural church and community centre was built to replace the 19th century church of St Margaret of Antioch. The former church was demolished due to subsidence. The centre contains a worship space for 400 people, a community cafe, crèche and multi-purpose sports hall. The internal "street" enables the building to be naturally lit and ventilated and allows users to easily navigate themselves around the building.

The project team worked closely with the client to achieve a welcoming, user friendly centre that is used by a variety of different religious groups from the surrounding area. The development was funded by the Millennium Commission and completed in 2000.

Allan Joyce Architects now undertake quinquennial inspections of the church and community centre, continuing the relationship built up during the development of the new church. The quinquennial inspections allow the condition of the church to be reported and repairs to be undertaken promptly ensuring the longevity of the building.