Three New Build Houses in Shropshire

Client: Chris Williams
Completed: 2004

Budget: £1m

The developer purchased the site with a view to building a house for himself, a house for some friends, and a house to sell on the open market. It was south facing, with a fairly steep slope, which sat on the edge of a SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) overlooking the Tern Valley.  The access to it was via a track designated as a ‘RUPP’, road used as a public path.

The concept of the design was to step the houses down the slope to make the most of the orientation and views. This stepping with the site provides interesting and exciting spaces internally and helps to reduce the overall impact of the dwellings on the Tern Valley beyond. Careful consideration had to be given to maintaining privacy between the dwellings, therefore the clever stepping of walls helped to position windows looking down the slope, rather than across into the neighbouring gardens.

We were involved in lengthy negotiations with the Local Authority to ensure that the character of the RUPP was not compromised during the construction period and once the houses were occupied.  All three houses have tantalising glimpses of the surrounding landscape and other parts of the property as you make your way through.  They all culminate in a master bedroom with commanding views to the picturesque valley beyond.