Repairs to Lion Lodge Gates at Belton House

Client: National Trust
Completed: 2012

Budget: £20,000

Allan Joyce Architects were approached by the National Trust to schedule, tender and manage the repair works to Lion Lodge Gates at Belton House, Grantham. The gates form the southern entrance to the Grade I Registered Historic Park and Grade I Listed Belton House.

Weldon Stone, a long established Stonemasonry Company, were awarded the contract to undertake the repairs. The first step was to remove the stone Lions from the piers, which unusually face the House. The facing stonework was then removed so that the overthrow to the gates could be removed and transported to Broadbents Wrought Ironwork, for repair. Unfortunately, some of the detailed pieces of stone had hairline cracking due to the impact of the vehicle, and sections fell off during removal.  Various part stone repairs were undertaken in Ancaster Stone to match.  The cores of the pillars were rebuilt and new stone sections positioned for the repaired overthrow.  The remaining stone was then re-laid in lime putty ready to receive the capping stones and Heraldic Beasts, which were thankfully installed facing the correct way. Finally the gates were re-decorated using Dulux Metalshield, rather than a lead based paint.