Restore, Remodel and Extend an Existing Victorian Church

Client: Church of the Resurrection and St. Albans Community Centre, Leicester
Budget: £1m

Allan Joyce Architects won the competition bid to restore, remodel and extend the Church of the Resurrection in the autumn of 2012.  We have been subsequently working with a dedicated church building group and diocesan officers to develop the detailed proposals. The existing Victorian church has many strong architectural features but is in need of significant refurbishment to bring the interiors and access up to current standards, as well as alterations and extensions to meet the vision of the church.

The church is in a multi-cultural area of Leicester and is aiming to provide a ‘welcome all’ approach to both the church and associated community use facilities. Our proposals strategically change the location of the building entrance to a more prominent position, opening up the inside of the church to the community. This gives a clear welcome message and provides a more inviting and legible approach.