Contemporary Conversion of an Existing Barn

Client: Private
Completed: 2010

Budget: Undisclosed 

Part of an architects training is to think ‘outside the box’. During the feasibility stage, which establishes the options available to the client, the brief for the project was modified to convert the redundant buildings into the new family house, and to sell the house that had been the subject of the proposed extension. Whilst few clients have the luxury of a set of redundant buildings, it is far from rare for architects to be able to suggest a proposal, which solves problems in interesting and unusual ways.

There were major obstacles to overcome during the planning process, however the resultant home is one that is much admired by all who visit. The existing threshing barn and long barn sit perpendicular to one another. The long barn is a simple brickwork structure, whilst the threshing barn features large openings, with brickwork piers and king post trusses internally. In converting the threshing barn, it was internally insulated between the brickwork piers allowing some of the original fabric of the building to shine through. The existing timber king post trusses were cleaned back and provide interest throughout the threshing barn.

Internally the open plan kitchen, living, dining space is located in the magnificent threshing barn. A bridge at first floor connects a bedroom at the far end of the barn with the rest of the house, and allows uninterrupted floor to ceiling glazing in the original openings. At first floor, five comfortably sized double bedrooms occupy the space, four with ensuite bathrooms. The project was of immense satisfaction for the clients and architects alike, and since completing this project we have gone on to work on three other projects for the same family.