We feel that architecture is about making peoples lives better. This extends to the way we interact with in our community. As well as having worked on many community driven projects , we also work with people involved in community projects to ensure we're giving something back to the communities we belong to. In the 30 years that we've been based in Nottingham we've supported many projects for example; Framework Housing Association’s Homelessness Awareness Programme and the Lenton Centre Youth Project Activ8Uth.

Most recently we have supported Southwell Care Project in the building of their ‘Flower Pod’ social enterprise building based at Brackenhurst College, Southwell. a straw-bale building that can be used by the charity to offer land based opportunities and broaden day service provision for supporting adults with learning difficulties. One of the directors helped with building, plastering and finishing the building. Their clients now grow cut flowers from the building that are sold as beautiful bouquets and blooms to locals and corporate businesses.

We recognize that youth unemployment is of growing concern across all sectors and have been offering support and experience at all levels to help local students become successful in the world of work.


We have close links with University of Nottingham Architecture Department, over 80% of the architects currently employed by us previously held internships, and qualified as architects whilst working for the practice. Whilst offering internships we always financially  remunerate students.

FE Students:

We also provide mentoring and encouragement to  local students who go into the construction profession through Millennium Volunteers.


We operate an extensive “work experience” programme to partnered Nottingham City schools & colleges, which teaches students about our organisation and the world of construction.

Our successes:

Permanent employment and support throughout her university education for one current employee:  Kate Stevens who is now fully qualified architect.

Two previous employees from Nottingham also received this continuous support from the age of sixteen to enable them to achieve their professional qualifications, a good level of experience before moving on to form their own businesses in Suffolk and Dubai respectively.

Tom Tsang a 23-year-old student from New College Nottingham has just won a place at Lincoln University to study architecture.